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" #dancing machine jongin #but he has no sense for rhythm" Please! His sense of rhythm is flawless! Have you actually watched the video? he's breaking the movement in two, but he keeps to the beat... I'm sorry if this comes off as rude, that's not my intention...

oh my friend said that too and was rather upset with me :D

but I wrote it in a mocking way, I know that Jongin is absolutely flawless <3 

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sehun = perfect height for kyungsoo 
(ft. chin on shoulder & arm squeezing)

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"do it cutely, you’re cute!”

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umma d.o. cleaning up baby sehunnie’s mess

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In which the leader abandons his maknae ♥ 

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awesome sehunee | do not edit.
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take it off (ނo.o)ނ

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Machine? Leaked instru
75,869 plays


This instrumental song runs on internet as a possible leaked EXO song.

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take my heart~

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sehun :-)

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Kai’s thoughts on the Nature Republic Photoshop (x)

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handsome maknaes~
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Jongin invading Kyungsoo’s personal space just to whisper in his ear ♡

original gifs: 1, 2, 3, by 都屎开
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kyungsoo - “it’s ok,it’s love” - waiting
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