reasons why liking byun baekhyun is not easy

  • his god blessed hands
  • his kkaebsong
  • his face when he hits those high notes
  • his eyeliner
  • his hips don’t lie
  • his entire existence 
  • h ow can you not want to punch him 25/7
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jongin killing you softly

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luckily for chanyeol there are cameras everywhere…

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baekhyun’s self camera

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Credit: First Position.

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Yixing where are you putting your hands (ノ≧∀≦)ノ

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a sweaty blonde jongin

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kyungsoo singing a part of “moonlight”
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The thing about Kyungsoo's girlfriend is that he wasn't gay before EXO. You know, in MAMA era when Kai was all over him, he was so shy and like: no gay pls go away jongin and they one day BAM! he discovered the rainbow and unicorns!!111 Heh, jokes apart, I firmly believe that was the first same-sex relationship of both Jongin and Kyungsoo.



I AGREE. And i have no doubt in my mind that jongin initiated everything too. on the first box dvd, he stated that he was scared of kyungsoo and was shy to approach him. Maybe thats when jongin knew kyungsoo made him feel “weird” things. So he was curious to find out exactly why his heart raced when his hyung said or did anything. im sure kyungsoo was annoyed atfirst but he warmed up to jongin and found out he wasnt so bad until one day, “hyung, can i kiss you? ” *this is when kyungsoo has to make a choice but his brain is going in overload and he cant speak so he just nods his head* jongin finally gets to kiss his crush and claim kyungsoo’s heart! Ayeeeeeeee so suave!



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chanyeol, you meanie!
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